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TGS Hydr. Digging-Dredging Buckets

Available in a wide range of sizes, these TGS hydraulic digging/dredging clamshell bucket grabs are specially designed for heavy duty digging and dredging purposes. The clamshell bucket grabs can be executed with open or closed shells depending on the job and the type of material to be handled. They are manufactured of high wear-resistant steels. All bearings are heavy-duty and sealed for high performance. These can be executed with a hydraulic rotator for 360˚ rotation or a mechanical rotator with 270˚ rotation and 200mm height compensation. Optionally, the shells can be executed with clay ejectors to push out sticky material. A suspension link for connection of the grab to the crane can be manufactured according to your requirements. Max. operating pressure:320 bar Max pressure rotating:200 bar(hydraulic) Frame: Dillimax 690/ S355J2G3 Cylinder rods: Stainless steel, hard chromed Cylinders: Heavy Duty, double acting Bearings: Heavy Spherical bearings / bronze Shafts: 42 CrMo 4 Shells: wear resistant steel Hardox S355J2G3 Teeth: Integrated on cutting edge, optional interchangeable teeth
TGS Clamshell Buckets
Cab Type:
Hydraulic Elevating
Clamshell Bucket

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Current inventory of pre-owned material handlers includes:

Caterpillar M318D MH, Caterpillar M322D MH, Caterpillar MH3022, Caterpillar 352F MH.

Liebherr: Liebherr R924C EW MH, Liebherr A934C MH, Liebherr LH40C EW,  Liebherr LH40M MH, Liebherr R974B EW MH, Liebherr R974C EW MH, Liebherr A924C MH.

Sennebogen 821M E  HD MH, Sennebogen 825M E MH, Sennebogen 825M MH, Sennebogen 825 Electric MH, Sennebogen 830E MT, Sennebogen 830M E MH, Sennebogen 835M D MH, Sennebogen 835M E MH, Sennebogen 835R D MH, Sennebogen 840M E MH, Sennebogen 850M E MH, Sennebogen 855E Hybrid MH, Sennebogen 870M HD.

Terex Fuchs MHL 350 MH.